Your pension value and income can fall as well as rise and you may not get back as much as you put in.

Taxation of your pension in the future could change and the performance of your pension will be reduced by the effect of charges.

You labour hard throughout your working life, so it’s important that you are in the best position to enjoy your retirement. Whether you are looking for the right pension plan for yourself or a pension scheme to meet your business needs, we will assist you in finding the right product for you. We help with private pensions, director and senior management pensions, company group schemes and auto-enrolment.

Why save into a pension?

Since the introduction of pension freedoms in April 2015, pensions have become a more attractive way of saving for retirement due to the new access flexibility and its tax effectiveness. This means some people are now contributing more into their pensions and at an earlier age to forward plan for their retirement goals.

When thinking about your retirement planning, you should consider:

  • What level of income will I need in retirement and will my pensions provide enough for me to live on?

  • What pensions have I got already? What are the current/future values? And what am I being charged?

  • How does the new pension freedoms affect me?

  • Am I maximising my workplace pension scheme contributions?

  • Could I benefit from the tax relief of a pension? And who would be my pension beneficiaries?

private pensions

The team at PPW was friendly and knowledgeable, in particular I really felt that Emma provided a safe pair of hands.

Many people have pension schemes in place without truly understanding what they are worth and how they are performing – or even where they are invested. In many instances these are pension plans that were set-up initially as part of a company scheme and have remained alive but dormant even after you have changed roles and company.

We can help you ensure that any pension plans opened in your name are identified and that you are:

  • Informed of the projected value – what income it will provide you in retirement

  • Aware of what you are being charged

  • Understand how the Pension Freedoms act affects you

  • Advised if a better pension plan is available for transfer.

Once you understand your current position we can work with you to ensure that your investment portfolio houses your pensions and investments, giving you a growth rate to match your risk appetite on a platform that is flexible and easily accessible.

company pensions

Worth knowing.

Did you know that director and senior management pension plans differ hugely from group or employee schemes? Directors and senior managers require the ability to manage interplay between their pension scheme and the company. We help directors and senior managers put in place hybrid pensions, which allow greater control and flexibility to how their pensions are managed.

The value of pension and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Taxation of your pension in the future could change and the performance of your pension will be reduced by the effect of charges.



You also need to consider your employer duties with regards to auto-enrolment. Auto-enrolment into workplace pensions is a game-changer. While it takes a big step towards universal retirement provision, it also places duties on employers where none existed before. What’s more, there are deadlines for you to comply with, known as staging dates.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I understand how auto-enrolment affects my employees?

  • Do I know my duties as an employer?

  • Do I know my staging date?

  • Do I understand what happens if I do nothing?

We can give you the answers and make sure you:

  • Understand your auto-enrolment duties

  • Know what you need to do to meet these duties and the costs involved

  • Meet your deadline for auto-enrolment.

Passing your auto-enrolment burden to us will not only save you time that you can spend more productively on your business, but it will remove the stress of complying with your legal duties – not just now but in the future too.

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